Mission Statement

The Mission of The Won Sung Do Institute ® フ 원성도 걍굼희 (Omak, WA. Est. 2005) Is To Serve, Protect and Save-Lives. To Provide Protection of Life, Property and The Environment. Accomplished Through Violence Suppression, Violence Prevention Education, Aid Operation’s and community Involvement. With The Resources Allocated and The Authority Granted We Will Provide The Citizens & Visitors of Our City With State-of-The-Art, High Quality, Cost-Effective, DT: Defensive Tactics ™, 방어전술. Also; To Preserve & Promote Mike Buzz’s ™, 성태원, Scientific Street Fighting ™, 과학거리싸움, Martial Art. ™, 무술, of Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD), 원성도.

The Won Sung Do Institute ® フ 원성도 걍굼희


  • PRACTICE NIGHT Every Thursday Night at 19:00 Excluding Major Holidays.
  • INSTRUCTORS MEETING: First (하나) Thursday of Each Month 18:00
  • GENERAL MEETING: First (하나) Thursday of Each Month at 19:00
DT: Defensive Tactics

Legal Use of Force, Self Defense, Control Tactics

Training to defend oneself and/or effect an arrest utilizing enhanced defensive tactics.

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Won (원) = Tactical | Sung (성) = Fist | Do (도) = Way

Practitioners achieve awareness, confidence, defensive tactics, 방어전술 and personal development.

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Often times in a life or death encounter, help arrives too late. Eventually help will come,.. however, those first few minutes are yours.

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