Defensive Tactics. ™

Defensive Tactics ™., 방어전술.

Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술., Est. 2012., Translate’s Into: “Training To Defend, Oneself, And/or, Effect-An-Arrest, Utilizing, Enhanced; Defensive Tactics. ™. ” Emphasis, Is Placed On; Effective, Efficient, & Ethical; Defensive Tactics. ™.
All Institute ®., Member’s, Are Automatically, Cross-Trained, In WS-CJTC; Defensive Tactics.
• Legal Use of Force.
• Control Tactics I.  “Hand., – Cuff’s.”
• Defensive Tactics. ™., II.
• Ground Survival Tactics. (G.S.T.).
• Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint ®. (L.V.N.R.).
• Impact Weapon’s. “Baton., / Flashlight.”
• Firearm’s Retention. (F R/D.).  >  “Edge Weapon, & Knife; Defense.”
• Oleoresin Capsicum. (O.C., Spray.).
This Comprehensive, Defensive Tactics. ™., System. Is Based On, But NOT Equivalent, Nor Associated, To The State of Washington, (WA), Criminal Justice Training Commission, (WS-CJTC); Defensive Tactics. ™.: –  Level One (하나).,  Level Two (두).,  &  Level Three (세).

Level One:  (하나).
Control Tactics I.
Level Two:  ().
Defensive Tactics. ™., II.
Level Three:  ().
Use of Deadly Force III.

This System, Is A Trademarked ®, & Copyrighted ©, Property; Under United States, Federal Law.

Please Note:.. (Due To The Danger’s, & Nature of Martial Arts. ™., & Defensive Tactics. ™., & All Such Associated Course’s. We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service, To Anyone, At Any Time, With, And/or Without, Prior Notification, And/or Cause. At Our Sole Discretion.).