DT: ™., 방어전술. – Level, (하나.)

This, Comprehensive, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술, System. Is Based On, But NOT Equivalent, Nor Associated, To The State of Washington, (WA), Criminal Justice Training Commission, (WS-CJTC): DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술: –  Level One, (하나.).,  Level Two, (두.).,  &,  Level Three, (세.).
All, Institute ®, 걍굼희, Member’s, Are Automatically, Cross-Trained, In WS-CJTC: DT: Defensive Tactics. ™, 방어전술

CT: Control Tactics, Level One, (하나.), Course # 2071:

CT: Control Tactics, Course, Is A Comprehensive, And, In-Depth, Level One, (하나.), Course, Designed, To Promote Safe, &, Efficacious, Use of Control Level, Force.
This, Is A Pre-Requisite, For All Other, Physical Force Tactics Classes, And, Contain’s Theory, &, Technique’s, For Motor Skill Instruction.
Also, Future Course Training’s, In The Area’s of OC Spray, Rely Heavily On Principle’s, And, Technique’s, Learned In The DT: Defensive Tactics, ™, 방어전술, Level One, (하나.), Course.
Within, This Class, The Participant, Learn’s:
  • The, Componet’s of CT: Control Tactics, Application.
  • Instruction, And, Testing.
  • The, Participant, Also, Identifies Situation’s, That Allow For, The, Application of Reasonable Physical Force.
Emphasis, Is Placed:
    • On, Proper, Psychomotor Skill’s, Involved, In Control Level Force, Employment.
    • Proper, Mean’s of Instruction.
    • Theoretical Background, To Analyze, And, Develop, Agency Specific Program’s, Which, Serves As A Basis, For Subsequent, Physical Force Tactics, Classes.
Specific, Area’s Covered In This Course:
  • Control Point Tactics.
  • Joint Manipulation CT: Control Tactics.
  • Hair-Hold CT: Control Tactics.
  • Hand-Cuff Application Tactics.
  • Motor Performance, Motor Learning, As They Relate To Skill Instruction, And, Testing.
  • Appropriate, Method of Safe Class Conduct, Including Awareness of Environmental Condition’s, Relative To The Specific Class Content of PMS Training Session.
  • Component’s of Learning Goal’s, And, Performance Objective’s, And, The Appropriate Use of Each.
  • The PADDIE Process, And, Basic Concept’s of Program Development, And, Implementation.
The, Tactics, Taught; Include: Hair-Hold, Counter-Joint, Pressure Point, And, Temporarily Mechanical Restraint Tactics, Common To All, Criminal Justice Personnel. As, A Result of The Physical Nature of The Class, All, Participant’s, Must Be In Good Physical Shape.
Pre-Requisite:    None.

CT: OC Spray, Course # 2079:

Oleoresin Spray, (OC.), Is A Course, That Is Designed To Promote Safe, And, Efficacious, Selection, And, Use, of OC Spray.
The, Participant, Will Learn, And, Understand:
  • The, Situation’s, That Allow, For The Proper Use of OC.
  • Tactics, And, Technique’s, of OC Application.
  • Proper, Mean’s, of Instruction, &, Testing.
  • Theoretical Background, To, Analyze OC Product’s, In Order To Make Recommendation’s, To Agency Administrator’s.
  • Additionally, The Participant Will Be Aware of The Probable Medical Implication’s, Associated, With The Use of OC Spray. 
The, Areas Specifically Covered, Are:
  • History.
  • Composition.
  • Anatomy of The Eye, Lung’s, And, Skin.
  • Delivery System’s.
  • Effect’s of OC.
  • Use of Force Issue’s.
  • Tactics of Standing, And, Grounded, OC Application.
  • CT: Control Tactics, Follow-Up Procedure’s.
  • Clean-Up Procedure’s.
  • OC Spray Selection.
  • Practical Exercise’s.
Pre-Requisite:    CT: Control Tactics, Level One, (하나.), Course # 2071 – OC Spray, Is A CT: Control Tactic, And, It, Must Be Integrated, With Other Physical CT: Control Level, Tactics.