DT. ™ – Level One (하나)

This Comprehensive, Defensive Tactics. ™., System. Is Based On, But NOT Equivalent, Nor Associated, To The State of Washington, (WA), Criminal Justice Training Commission, (WS-CJTC); Defensive Tactics. ™.: –  Level One (하나).,  Level Two (두).,  &  Level Three (세).
All Institute ®, Member’s, Are Automatically, Cross-Trained, In WS-CJTC; Defensive Tactics. ™…

DT. ™.: Control Tactics Level One (하나), Course # 2071:

Control Tactics Course Is A Comprehensive, And In-Depth, Level One (하나), Course Designed To Promote Safe, & Efficacious, Use of Control Level Force.
This Is A Pre-Requisite For All Other Physical Force Tactics Classes, And Contain’s Theory, & Technique’s, For Motor Skill Instruction.
Also, Future Course Training’s, In The Area’s of OC Spray, Rely Heavily On Principle’s, And Technique’s, Learned In The Defensive Tactics, Level One (하나) Course.
Within This Class, The Participant Learn’s:
  • The Componet’s of Control Tactics Application.
  • Instruction, And Testing.
  • The Participant Also Identifies Situation’s That Allow For The Application of Reasonable Physical Force.
Emphasis Is Placed:
    • On Proper Psychomotor Skill’s Involved In Control Level Force Employment.
    • Proper Mean’s of Instruction.
    • Theoretical Background To Analyze And Develop Agency Specific Program’s, Which Serves As A Basis For Subsequent Physical Force Tactics Classes.
Specific areas covered in this course:
  • Control Point Tactics.
  • Joint Manipulation Control Tactics.
  • Hair-Hold Control Tactics.
  • Hand-Cuff Application Tactics.
  • Motor Performance, Motor Learning, As They Relate To Skill Instruction And Testing.
  • Appropriate Method of Safe Class Conduct Including Awareness of Environmental Condition’s, Relative To The Specific Class Content of PMS Training Session.
  • Component’s of Learning Goal’s, And Performance Objective’s, And The Appropriate Use of Each.
  • The PADDIE Process, And Basic Concept’s of Program Development, And Implementation.
The Tactics Taught Include Hair-Hold, Counter-Joint, Pressure Point, And Temporarily Mechanical Restraint Tactics, Common To All Criminal Justice Personnel. As A Result of The Physical Nature of The Class, All Participant’s Must Be In Good Physical Shape.
Pre-Requisite:    None.

DT. ™.: OC Spray, Course # 2079:

Oleoresin Spray Is A Course That Is Designed To Promote Safe And Efficacious Selection And Use of OC Spray.
The Participant Will Learn And Understand:
  • The Situation’s That Allow For The Proper Use of OC.
  • Tactics, And Technique’s of OC Application.
  • Proper Mean’s of Instruction, & Testing.
  • Theoretical Background To Analyze OC Product’s In Order To Make Recommendation’s To Agency Administrator’s.
  • Additionally, The Participant Will Be Aware of The Probable Medical Implication’s Associated With The Use of OC Spray. 
The Areas Specifically Covered Are:
  • History.
  • Composition.
  • Anatomy of The Eye, Lung’s, And Skin.
  • Delivery System’s.
  • Effect’s of OC.
  • Use of Force Issue’s.
  • Tactics of Standing And Grounded OC Application.
  • Control Tactics Follow-Up Procedure’s.
  • Clean-Up Procedure’s.
  • OC Spray Selection.
  • Practical Exercise’s.
Pre-Requisite:    Control Tactics Level One (하나) Course # 2071 – OC Spray Is A Control Tactic, And It Must Be Integrated With Other Physical Control Level Tactics.