DT: ™., 방어전술. – Level, (세.)

This Comprehensive, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술, System. Is Based On, But NOT Equivalent, Nor Associated, To The State of Washington, (WA), Criminal Justice Training Commission, (WS-CJTC): DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술: –  Level One, (하나.).,  Level Two, (두.).,  &  Level Three, (세.).
All Institute ®, 걍굼희, Member’s, Are Automatically, Cross-Trained, In WS-CJTC: DT: Defensive Tactics. ™, 방어전술

DT: ™., 방어전술: Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint ®, (L.V.N.R.)., Course # 2075

L.V.N.R., ® Course Is A Class That Develop’s The Participant To Deliver L.V.N.R., ® Training To Line Officer’s.
The Participant Learn’s The Component’s of The L.V.N.R., ® System, Instruction, And, Application. Including, The Legal, And, Medical, Research That Document’s The Safety, And, Effectiveness of The L.V.N.R., ® System.
The Participant Will Learn, And, Understand:
  • The Situation’s That Allow For The Application of This Unique Type of Physical Force.
  • Proper Psychomotor Skill’s Involved In L.V.N.R., ® Application.
  • Proper Mean’s of Instruction, And, Testing.
  • Theoretical Background Supporting This System.
  • What Differentiate’s L.V.N.R., ® From Other Similar Tactics Used Throughout The Country.
Subjects Covered:
  • History, And, Development.
  • Use-of-Force Concept’s, Both Federal, State, And, Departmental.
  • Physiology, And, Medical Implication’s of Neck Restraint’s.
  • In-Custody Death’s.
  • Mechanics of Control, And, Tactics, &, Technique’s.
  • Integrated Training Method’s Using of The I.R.S., ®.:, Impact Resistant Suit’s, For Dynamic High-Speed Training.
  • DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술, Level Two, (두.), Course #2076.
As A Result of The Physical Nature of The Class, Participant’s Are Required To Be In Good Physical Condition.

DT: ™., 방어전술: Firearm’s Retention, Recovery, &, Disarming, (F/R/D), Course # 2074

Firearms Retention/Recovery, And, Disarming, Course Is Designed To Promote Techniques For Self-Protection, That Effectively, And, Efficiently, Deal With Aggravated-Assault Level Resistor’s, Who Are Attempting To Disarm The Officer.
Makes Use of Concept’s, Tactics, And, Training Method’s, From The Aforementioned Course’s. Since An Attempt of Successful Disarming of An Officer Is Such A Potentially Deadly Altercation, This Course Is Designed To Train The Officer To Retain Their Firearm, In A Wide Variety of Situation, As Well As Immediate Recovery of Their Firearm, Should It Be Taken. All Area’s Are Covered, Including;  (Out-of-Holster, Stand-Up, &, On-Ground).
Within This Course, The Participant Will Learn, And, Understand:
  • The Principle’s of Hand-Gun & Long-Gun, Defense, And, Disarming.
  • Targeting Principle’s.
  • Proper Psychomotor Skill’s Involved In Their Employment.
  • How The Various Component’s of Level Two, (두.), And, Level Three, (세.), Tactics, Are Applied To These Serious, And, Potentially, Life-Threatening Situation’s.
The Participant Will Understand The Guideline’s:
  • Surrounding The Use of Force At This Level of Threat.
  • Proper Mean’s of Instruction, &, Testing.
  • Theoretical Background To Analyze Other Similar Program’s, In Order To Develop Agency Specific Program’s, Consistent With Agency Policy’s.
Required Equipment:
  • Fully Equipped Duty Belt, And, The Inert-Firearm, Carried On Duty.
  • Inert Training Pistol, To Fit Your Duty Holster, (Red, or, Blue, Gun).
  • Tape For Wrist’s.
  • Elbow, Forearm, &, Knee, Pad’s.
  • Mouth Guard.
  • Groin Guard.
  • Glove’s.
  • Airsoft Pistol ®, SIRT ® Pistol, &, Eye Protection, Are Also Recommended, For Participation.
  • I.R.S., ®.:, Impact Resistant Suit’s, Such As F.I.S.T. ®., Red Man.®., or Spear Suit. ®., Type Gear As Well.
Subject’s Covered:
  • Overview of F R/D Tactics, Principle’s, Concept’s, &, Statistic’s.
  • Striking Tactics, And, Drill’s.
  • Training Equipment Need’s.
  • Hand-Gun Retention.
  • Long-Gun Retention.
  • Hand-Gun Disarming.
  • Long-Gun Disarming.
  • Grounded Hand-Gun Retention, &, Recovery.
  • Braced-Contact Shooting Principle’s, And, Secondary Weapon’s Use.
  • Disarm Attempt’s, And, Use of Force Issue’s.
Pre-Requisite: DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술, Course #2076, &, Ground Survival Tactics, (G.S.T.)., Course # 2187. Because of The Physical Nature of The Class, Participant’s, Are Required To Sign, A Liability Waiver.