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(Actual Location, To Be Provided, Later.).
Our Out-Building, Serves As A Weekly Meeting Place.
Omak, WA. 98841.

We Are Located In An Out-Building, Down An Alley, With A Big White Door, Small Window, & Gray Screen Door. There Are No Building Sign, So It’s Easy To Miss. If This Door Is Open, Come On In. If This Door Is Closed, And/or Locked, Knock On The White Door, Until Someone Can Let You In. You’ll Need To Come Down The Alley, To Get To Our Facility. Contact The Chief Instructor For Direction’s.
Please Come Down The Alley, BEHIND The Main Road, To Get To Our Facility…
Our Training Facility Is Located In Omak, WA.

Use The Form Below, To Contact Us.
We Try To Respond To All Messages, Within 24 Hour’s, When Possible.

Below, Are Pertinent Information. 
Please READ, The Following, If You're Interested, In Joining, Our Institute ®:

You MUST, Complete, The Following, Prior To Being, Accepted, Into The Won Sung Do Institute ®:
  • Interview, With The Chief Instructor.
  • Submit, Completed, Application Form’s, & Initiation Fee. (If Applicable.).
  • Must Be Approved, & Voted-In, By The Membership, On The First, (하나), Thursday, of Each Month, At Our Monthly, Business Meeting.
Our Application Process, Is Multi-Phased. New Applicant’s; May Register, At Any Time. Initiation Fee, Is Due On The Night of Their Vote-In. Thereafter, Tuition, Is Payable, On A Monthly Basis, And/or DUE’S, Are Charged, By-The-Hour.
DUE’S Are $10.00-An-Hour, Per Individual.
DUE’S, Are DUE, The First, (하나), Thursday, of each Month…

© 2015, The Won Sung Do Institute ®, Omak, WA. All Rights Reserved.

  • For General Inquiry’s, Contact:
  • For Class Information, Contact:
  • For Website/Course’s, Contact:
Phone:  1.509.429.5198.       (Call And/or Text).
Office Hours:   Mon-Fri 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. (Except Major Holiday’s).
Thank You, For Your Interest, In The Won Sung Do Institute ™.
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