Frequently Asked Question's... (F.A.Q.'s)

Q: How Do I Join, The Won Sung Do Institute ®?
A.  Contact, The Chief Instructor At His Office.
      Phone: (509) 429 5198 ……. E-Mail: mikebuzz@sdtacwsd.com
      Mon-Fri 10:00 Am – 4:00 Pm. (Except Major Holiday’s.).
Q: How Old Must I Be To Join?
A. You Must, Be At Least, 18, Year’s, Old.
Q: What Other Thing’s, Do I Need To Know, About Joining?
A. You Must Have A Valid Phone Number, Pay Initiation Fee, Complete A Medical Questionnaire, Pass A Screening Examination, & Pass A Criminal Background Check. (Which The Institute ® Pay’s For.).
Q: Where Is Your Facility, Located?
A. We’re Located In Omak, WA. (Actual Location, To Be Provided, Later.).
Q: Do You Offer Seminar’s?
A. Yes. We Offer Seminar’s, Approx Once A Year, And/or Per Request.
Q: What Are Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics. ™.?
A. Defensive Tactics., ™., Include’s, Training In; Legal Use of Force, Self-Defense, Control Tactics, Boxing, Hand-Cuffing, Ground Survival Tactics (GST), Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint ® (LVNR), Firearm Retention F R/D, & Use of Impact Weapon’s.
Q: Do You Offer First Aid, & CPR/AED, Classes?
A. Yes. Starting In 2023, We Will Be Offering American Heart Association, (AHA), First Aid, & CPR/AED, Classes, To Both Health-Care Provider’s, & Heart-Saver.
Q: Does The Won Sung Do Institute ®; Offer Firearm Training, And/or Permit’s?
A.  No.
Q: Are You Mixed Martial Arts, (MMA)?
A.  No.
Q: What System, Do You Do?
A. Our Scientific Street Fighting. ™.; – Martial Art., ™., Is Called; – Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도.
Q: When Is Training, For Member’s?
A. Our Training Night’s Are Every Thursday Night From 19:00 – 21:00 Hour’s.
Q: How Many Member’s, Does The Institute ®, Currently, Have?
A. The Won Sung Do Institute ®, Currently; Has —– (-) Member’s, And The Chief Instructor, As of July, 2017. The Member’s, Are Also, State of Washington, (WA), Certified; Self-Defense, Instructor’s.
Q: When Does The Institute ®, Meet?
A. Every Thursday Night, (Excluding Major Holiday’s.). The First, (하나), Thursday of Each Month, We Have A Business Meeting.
Q: How Much, Are Member’s, DUES?
A. Each Member Pay’s $10.00-An-Hour, In Modest DUES.
Q: What Attire, Do I Need, To Purchase?
A. Only Agency Approved Shirt’s w/ Logo. Service Shirt’s, Are Provided By The Institute ®.