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The Won Sung Do Institute ®, of Omak, WA.
          フ  원성도  걍굼희

We, Do Not Accept Drop-By Visitor’s. The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. Is A Private, &, Invitational-Only, Institute ®, 걍굼희. Our, School Is Currently, Full, And, We, Are Not Accepting New Member’s. We, Are Accepting, A Limited Number of Applicant’s, For, Our, Wait List. If, Interested, Please, Contact, The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희.

Martial Arts. ™., 무술, Offer’s, Physical Exercise, For Health, Discipline, Building of Character, And, Blending, of Mind, Body, And, Spirit. Whether, You’re A Beginner, or, An Accomplished, Practitioner, Our, System’s, Can Benefit, You Greatly, And, Complement, Any Skill’s, You, Have Already Acquired. The, Longer, It Is Practiced, The, Greater, The, Benefit’s.
Two (두), System’s, of Martial Arts. ™. 무술: Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD), 원성도., &, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술.; Are Offered. Neither, Are Sport-Oriented, Nor, Traditional. Both, System’s, Are Available; To Adult’s, Age, 18, &, Older. Student’s, Are Taught, Individually, &, Classes, Are A Mixture, of All Skill, Level’s.

Sign-Up, Today, And, Join, The, Third, (세), Longest, Serving, Martial Arts. ™.,무술, Agency: In, Okanogan, County, WA., &, The, Oldest, (하나), Serving, Martial Arts. ™., 무술, Agency: In, Omak, WA., Est. 2005.

It, Is Indeed, A Rare, &, Highly, Honored Privilege, To Take This Moment, On Behalf of Myself, And, The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. To, Extend, A Warm Welcome, To The Original, &, Current; Member’s of The Institute ®, 걍굼희. As, Well As To Each Succeeding Generation Member, And, To The Potential Applicant’s, &, Supporter’s, Who Continue To Discover Inspiration, And, Self-Knowledge, Through The Instruction, Deed’s, &, Action’s, Of Our Scientific Street Fighting. ™., 과학거리싸움; – Martial Art., ™., 무술, Called; – Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도.
The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. Was, Conceived By Mike Buzz, ™., 성태원, And, Started, During The Year 2005. It, Was Started As A School, And, Was Active Through 2011, And, Closed, During That Year. Shortly, After, It, Was Re-Activated, As A Private Club, And, Has, Remained That Way Since 2017. The Institute ®, 걍굼희, Has, Operated, As A Private Club, Whose Member’s, Are Instructed Not To Talk About It, They Sign An Oath, Making Such A Pledge, To Preserve, &, Promote, The Integrity of Our Art. We, Typically Do Not Look For New Student’s, And, We Rarely Allow People To Watch. Member’s, That Are Taken, Are Screened, For Those, With Only, The Utmost: Dedication, Seriousness, &, Commitment.
The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA.
  • Is, An Independent Organization.
  • This, Is A Private, And/or, Invitational-Only, Institute ®, 걍굼희.
  • We, Are A Non-Commercial School. Our, Classes Are Small, And, There Are No Testing Fees, No Promotional Fees, No T-Shirts For Sale, &, No Hidden Fees. Just, Our Modern, ($10.00-An-Hour), Monthly, DUES.
  • We, Work On Mike Buzz’s, ™., 성태원; Scientific Street Fighting. ™., 과학거리싸움, – Martial Art. ™., 무술, of Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도., Fundamental’s, &, Emphasize, The, Practical Application, of, Our System.
  • This, Is A No-Frill’s Institute ®, 걍굼희. We, Have No Heat. We, Have No Air-Conditioning, (A/C). It’s, Cold, In The Winter, And, Hot, In The Summer. We, Train, Old-School Way, No, Nonsense.
In, The Interest of Promoting, &, Preserving, Mike Buzz’s, ™., 성태원, Art, &, Philosophy. We, Are Now Laying The Foundation, For, The Future of Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도. So, That The Proper Definition, Will Not Be Lost, &, Claim’s, Made Factual, And, Can Benefit All, For, Generation’s To Come.

Our Institute ®, 걍굼희:

The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. Can, Now Be Seen As Two Part’s, of, A Whole, To Learn Mike Buzz’s, ™., 성태원, Original Art, &, Philosophy, of Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도.
Under, The Direction, of, Mike Buzz, ™., 성태원, The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, (Institute ®, 걍굼희.), Has, Transformed, From A Private, &, Not-For-Profit; Club, To, A Service Agency, Serving The Public, &, Looking To Increase Its’ Number of Member’s, &, Affiliate Agency’s.
The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. Will, Continue, The, Same Path, Prior To 2017. The Institute ®, 걍굼희, Is Operated, As A Private, And, Not-For-Profit, Club. As, A Result, The Institute ®, 걍굼희, Can Keep The Number of Student’s Low, Quality High, And, Continue, To Teach, The Original, And, Authentic Art, &, Philosophy, of Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도. All, Training, Take’s Place At Our Out-Building, Which, Also, Serve’s, As A Weekly, Meeting Place. The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희,… Present’s, A Wide-Range of System’s, &, Methodology’s.
The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. Concern’s, Itself, With Presenting, Won Sung Do, (WSD), ®, 원성도, Original; Idea’s, &, Opinion’s, – And, Not Anyone Else’s, Interpretation of Them – With Regard To:
☯️ The, History, And, Development, of The Art.
☯️ The, Philosophy, That Support’s, And, Extend’s, From The Art.
☯️ The, Training, And, Conditioning, Method’s Necessary To Realize; The (Physical, &, Scientific), And,  (Mental, &, Spiritual), Aspect’s, of The Art.
☯️ The, Scientific Principle’s, Underlying The Foundation, of, The Technique’s; Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도, Emphasize’s, And, Hold’s, To Be Significant.
☯️ The Life, Art, &, Science, of Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도.


The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. Offer’s, Martial Arts. ™., 무술. &, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술., Classes. We, Teach, The Fundamental’s, (Basic, Intermediate, &, Advanced), Technique’s, of, Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도. The, First, (하나), Half Hour, Are Dedicated To Warm-Up, Stretching, Breathing, &, Meditation: Exercises, To Stimulate, The Mind, &, Body. We, Focus On The Three (세) Pillar’s, of Fitness; (Flexibility, Strength, &, Cardio). The, Rest of The Class, Are Lesson’s, In Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도, Taught, In Similar Fashion, With, Training Objective’s. Classes, Are Held, Every Thursday Night, From 19:00 Hour’s –  -To 21:00 Hour’s. (Except, Major Holiday’s), Held, At Our Training Facility, Located In Omak, WA. (Actual, Location, To Be Provided, Later.). Contact, The Respective Agency, For, More Information.
☯️ Training Is Led By Sabum, Mike Buzz. ™., 성태원, &, Assisted By Institute ®, 걍굼희, Senior’s.

CT: Control, &, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™.,방어전술:

Based On, But NOT Equivalent, Nor Associated, To The State of Washington, (WA), Criminal Justice Training Commission, (WS-CJTC): 
The CT: Control, And, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술, Program, Is Designed For The Ultimate Goal of Control. Control, of The Member Themselve’s, The Situation, And, The Subject. Using, A Scientific Approach To Training Methodology’s, And, A Principle, &, Concept, – Based, System, The, Member Learn’s How To Control The Situation, And/or, Subject, Using, A Wide Range of Reasonable Technique’s, That, Cover, All Level’s of Force Option’s. These, Force Option’s, Include, But Are Not Limited, To: Control Hold’s, Take, – Down’s, Belt Tool’s, Strike’s With Personal Weapon’s, Pressure Point’s, Baton, OC, Taser, Ground Survival Tactics (GST), Firearm F R/D, Hand-Cuffing, Frisk, Search, And, Tactic’s.

New Applicant’s:

To, Register: –  If, You’re Interested, In Joining. You MUST, Complete, The Following, Prior To Being, Accepted, Into, The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희:
Due, To The Nature, of Both of Our System’s. All, Applicant’s, MUST, Be At Least, 18 Year’s, In Age…
  • Interview, With The Chief Instructor.
  • Submit, Completed, Application Form’s, &, Initiation Fee. (If Applicable.).
  • Must, Be Approved, &, Voted-In, By The Membership, On The First, (하나), Thursday, of Each Month, At, Our Monthly, Business Meeting.
Our, Application Process, Is Multi-Phased. New, Applicant’s; May, Register, At Any Time. Initiation Fee, Is Due, On The Night of Their Vote-In. Thereafter, Tuition, Is Payable, On A Monthly Basis, And/or, DUE’S, Are Charged, By-The-Hour.
DUE’S, Are $10.00-An-Hour, Per Individual.
DUE’S, Are DUE, The First, (하나), Thursday, of each Month…

New Member’s:

Once, Voted-In, By The Membership, All New Institute ®, 걍굼희, Member’s, Must, Successfully Complete, &, Pass, Our, In-House, No Charge, Recruit Training Program. Upon, Successful Completion, of Recruit Training, New, Member’s, Are Assigned, To The Institute ®, 걍굼희, To, Complete Their Probationary Year. Upon, Satisfactory Completion, of A Probationary Member’s, First, (하나), Year. They, Receive, Level One, (하나), Certification, &, Permanent Appointment, As A Full Member.
The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, of Omak, WA. Recruit, Training Program, Is, Nationally Recognized, And, Is The First, Non-Law Enforcement; Agency, In, The State of Washington, (WA), To, Receive Accreditation, For, Its DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술., Training Program, In, A National Accreditation, System.
In, Addition, To Comprehensive Classroom, Instruction, The, Program, Include’s, Training, In DT: Defensive Tactics. ™.방어전술: Technique’s, And, Apparatus, Use. The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, Recruit Training, Is, Known As A Hand’s-On, Drill-Intensive, Training Program. Recruit’s, Are Evaluated, Weekly, And, Must, Successfully Complete, All, Training Element’s, In, Order To Graduate.
This, Physical, &, Mental, Intense, Twelve, (십이), – Week, Program, Consist’s, of Approximately: Twenty-Four, (스물네), – Hour’s, of Basic Training. Recruit, Training, Consist’s, Primarily, of Our Scientific Street Fighting. ™., 과학거리싸움,; Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD),  원성도. Each, New Institute ®, 걍굼희, Member, Is, Thoroughly Trained, In Its ; – History, Philosophy, Tradition’s, &, Technique’s. Candidate’s, Who Are Able To Meet The Challenge of The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희, Recruit Training Program, Will, Earn Level One, (하나), Certification, As, Well As, Training, In First Aid, &, CPR/AED, And, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™, 방어전술. Our, Progressive Approach, Allow’s, Each Recruit, To Slowly, Integrate, Into Our System. Upon, Successful Completion, of The Basic Recruit Course, All, New Institute ®, 걍굼희, Member’s, Must, Take The ‘Intermediate’ Course, Which, Consist’s of An Additional, Eight, (), – Hour’s, of Hand’s-On, Training. These, Training Classes, Are Conducted For, Certification In: I.R.S., ®.: Suit Operator, &, Apparatus Operator. In, Addition, Each New, Institute ®, 걍굼희, Member, Are, Required, To Attend, The Weekly Training, Held, On Each Thursday Night, From 19:00 – 21:00, Hour’s, And, Meet The Annual, ‘Required Training’, In, Order To Maintain, Specific Skill’s, &, Certification’s.
* All, Recruit Training, Is Conducted By Our Training Officer’s. All, First Aid, &, CPR/AED Training, Is, Provided, By, The American Heart Association ®, (AHA). All, Training, Is Provided By, &, Paid For, By The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희.

We, Reserve The Right, To Refuse Service, To Anyone: With, And/or, Without, Prior Notification, And/or, Cause.

Please Note:.. (Due, To The Danger’s, &, Nature of Martial Arts. ™. 무술. &, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™. 방어전술. &, All, Such Associated Course’s. We, Reserve The Right To Refuse Service, To Anyone, At Any Time, With, And/or, Without, Prior Notification, And/or, Cause. At, Our Sole Discretion.).