Instructor Bio:

Chief Instructor:

Mike Buzz

Sabum, Mike Buzz, ™., 성태원.

  • Originally, From South Korea, Begin His Study, of Martial Arts. ™., 무술, In 1989. Has Over, 30, (서른), Year’s, Martial Arts. ™., 무술, Experience.
  • Founder, of The Scientific Street Fighting. ™. 과학거리싸움: – Martial Art. ™., 무술, Called: – Won Sung Do ®, (WSD) 원성도., – Est. 2001.
  • Owned, &, Operated, The Won Sung Do Institute ®., フ 원성도 걍굼희., Est. 2005.
  • Served, For Over Ten, (), Year’s., In Law Enforcement, Fire Service, &, Emergency Medical Services, (EMS).
  • Certified, BLS: Health-Care Provider, &, Heart-Saver: First Aid, &, CPR/AED: Instructor, With American Heart Association, ®, (A.H.A.).
  • State of Washington, (WA), Criminal Justice Training Commission, (WS-CJTC): Certified, Law Enforcement, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술, Instructor, In: – Level One, (하나)., Level Two, (두)., &, Level Three, (세).: – Which, Include’s, Annual, Re-Recertification.
  • Long Standing, Certified Member, of The United States Martial Arts. ™., 무술 , Association., (U.S.M.A.A.)., &, The Washington State, DT: Defensive Tactics. ™., 방어전술, Instructor’s, Association., (W.S.D.T.I.A.),.