The Won Sung Do Institute ®, フ 원성도 걍굼희:, of Omak., WA.:

Upcoming, Seminar's:

 Join:.. Our, Second, (두.)., Group:..
Learn, Our, Martial Art. ™:> WON SUNG DO, ®, (WSD), 원성도.
In, Okanogan, WA.
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Previous, Seminar's:
(Women’s, Self, – Defense, Class’s, Were Conducted, Annually, From 2013., – 2020.)
March 5, 2020.
Feb 13, 2020.

Seminar, Guideline's:

  1. Open, Seminar’s, Should Be, Scheduled, At Least, Four, (), Month’s, In Advance, To Allow, For Maximum, Advertisement.
  2. Closed, Seminar’s, Can Be Scheduled, With As Little As, One, (하나), Month’s, Notice.
  3. All, Seminar’s, Are To Be, Two, (), Day’s, Preferably, Saturday, And, Sunday. The Minimum, Time, Requirement, Is Eight, (여덟), Hour’s. The Maximum, Time Is Twelve, (열두), Hour’s.
  4. Seminar’ Fee’ Is To Be Paid, In Cash, On The Date of The Seminar, If Not, Prior. Half, of The Fee, Pre-Paid, Is Preferred, For Foreign, Seminars. Discount’s, For First Responder’s, Shall, Be Offered.
  5. Audio, Visual, Text, Camera’s, Video’s, Cell Phone’s, &, Recording Equipment: Will, NOT, Be Allowed.
  6. Everyone, Attending, The Seminar, Must Pay, In-Full, At The Door, or, In-Advance. No, Instruction, Is Rendered, Without Payment. Participant’s, Not Intending, To Train, Must Pay, A One-Half, Price, Spectator, Fee. A, Certain Amount, Can Be Learned, Just By Watching, So, It Is Not, Fair, For Anyone, To Attend, For Free. A Valid, Identification Card, Is Required, To Participate.
  7. Seminar, T-Shirt’s, Can Be Available, If They Are Pre-Ordered, By The Sponsor. They Sell For $20.00 USD Each. Anything, Else, That Is To Be Sold, At The Seminar, Must Be Pre-Approved, By Sabum, Mike Buzz., ™., 성태원.
  8. Any, Apparatus, That Is Necessary, Must Be Provided, By The Sponsor, And/or, Promoter, of The Seminar.
How, To Arrange:
  1. Contact, For Detail’s:
    Sabum, Mike Buzz., ™., 성태원.
  2. Make, Request, For The Desired, Seminar, Date, By Writing, Calling, or, E-Mailing. A, Call, or, E-Mail, Should Be Followed Up, With A Formal Request, In Writing. Have, An Alternate Date, Planned, In Case, Your First Choice, Is Taken. Arrange, The Seminar Date At Least, Four, (), Month’s, In Advance, To Allow Time, For Promotion, And, Advertisement.
  3. Confirm, All Arrangement’s, And, (If, Out of State, or, Country,), Send, The Plane Tickets, At Least, Two, (), Week’s, In Advance, of The Seminar Date. For, A Weekend Seminar, (Saturday, &, Sunday,), Sabum., Mike Buzz’s. ™., 성태원., Flight, Should, Depart Seattle, Friday Afternoon, And, Arrive, At Its’ Destination, That Evening. The Return, Flight, Should Depart, The Seminar Location, After 10 A.M., Monday Morning.
  4. Make, Sure, That Participant’s, Are Charged, Enough, To Adequately, Cover All Expense’s. The, Average Seminar, Fee, Per Participant, Is Usually, $50.00 – $60.00, Per-Day, With, Slight Discount’s, Given To Those, Who Pay In Advance, For, Both Day’s. Some Seminar Sponsor’s, Like To Set It Up, Where Participants’, Have To Pay More, If, They Pay At The Door, or, After, A Specified, Early Payment, Due, Date. This, Encourage’s, Advanced Payment, Which, Is Extremely Helpful, To The Sponsor, &, Promoter. It, Is Advised, That Participant’s Are Required, To Pay, In-Cash. This, Help’s, Avoid, Any, Unanticipated, Banking, Problems.
  5. Before, Its’ Release, Seminar, Advertising, Must, Be Pre-Approved, By Sabum, Mike Buzz. ™., 성태원., And/or, His Representative.
  6. All, Participant’s, Will Be Required, To Sign, Our, Liability Waiver, Prior, To Participating.
How, To Cancel, (Please, Read Very Carefully.)
  1. Once, A Seminar, Has Been Scheduled, At Least, One, (하나), Month’s, Notice, To Required, To Cancel It.
  2. If, You, Cancel, A Seminar, There, Is A, 50%, Cancellation, Fee, (50%, of The Seminar, Fee), Which, Is To Be, Paid, In-Full, Immediately, Upon, Cancellation.