Martial Arts. ™

☯️  Won Sung Do: ® (WSD) 원성도

Joining Our Institute ®:

Again We Are A Private, Invitational-Only Institute ®. We Do Not Accept Drop-By Visitor’s. Our School Is Currently Accepting New Student’s, And We Are Not Currently Full. We Are Also Accepting A Limited Number of Applicant’s For Our Wait List. If You Are Interested In Training With Us, E-Mail: To Learn More, And To Schedule An Interview, With The Chief Instructor.
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Won (원) = Tactical.
Sung (성) = Fist.
Do (도) = Way.
Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD), 원성도., Est. 2001., “Way of The Tactical Fist.”
It Is The Comprehensive Body of Technical; (Physical, & Scientific.)., And Philosophical; (Mental, & Spiritual.)., Knowledge. Rooted, In The Science, of Biomechanic’s; (Kinetic Chain.)., “The Study of Force; Such As Push, Pull, or Lift.” Our Core, Utilize’s; Boxing 권투., Fencing 펜싱., & Wrestling 씨름.; As Its Nucleus. The Motor Skill’s, Acquired, Are Perishable, & Ever-Changing. Therefore, Our System, Is Geared Solely, Toward’s; Effective, & Efficient; Scientific Street Fighting. ™., & Defensive Tactics. ™. To Preserve, & Promote; Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD), 원성도.
This Scientific Street Fighting. ™., Martial Art. ™.; – Feature’s; x180 Technique’s, Legal Use of Force, Five (다섯) Combat Range’s, Five (다섯) Way’s of Attack, Three (세) Height’s, Sparring, & Defensive Tactics. ™.  It Include’s; But Are Not, Limited To: – Straight Lead Punch; (S.L.P.).,“The Back-Bone of All (WSD ®) Punching.”., Strike’s, Block’s, Kick’s, Elbow’s, Knee’s, Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint ® (L.V.N.R.)., Triangle Footwork, Dive-Defense, Split-Entry, Joint Lock’s, Throw’s, Take-Down’s, Ground Survival Tactics (G.S.T.)., Ground Control Tactics (G.C.T.)., Escape Tactics, Control Point Tactics (C.P.T.)., Pensador, Gunting, Firearm Retention (F R/D.)., Trapping, & Grappling.
This Is A Street-Oriented; System…

Practitioner’s Achieve: Awareness, Confidence, Defensive Tactics. ™., & Personal Development.

This System, Is A Trademarked ®, & Copyrighted ©, Property; Under United States, Federal Law.

Please Note:.. (Due To The Danger’s, & Nature of Martial Arts. ™., & Defensive Tactics. ™., & All Such Associated Course’s. We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service, To Anyone, At Any Time, With, And/or Without, Prior Notification, And/or Cause. At Our Sole Discretion.)