* Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD), 원성도; Lineage:

Mike Buzz, ™. 성태원.
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 This, System, Is A Trademarked ®, &, Copyrighted ©, Property; Under, United States, Federal Law.

Acknowledgement, Certification’s, &, Recognition; As Instructor’s.
The, Instructor’s, Listed Here, (Above), Have, Earned Their Certification’s; Through Hard Work, &, Long Hour’s of Arduous Training. They, Have Fully Learned, &, Appreciate; Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD), 원성도.

Updated, On, 07/07/2021 @ 12:17
This, Is The Complete, &, Updated, List, (Above), of Approved Instructor’s. Only, Those Certified Instructor’s, Who, Are Recognized, &, Authorized, Via Mike Buzz, ™.,성태원; Approved Certificate, With, Official: Rank, Stamp, &, Seal, Are Given; Written, Expressed Consent; By, Mike Buzz, ™., 성태원. To, Train, Instruct, &, Certify, In, Won Sung Do, ®, (WSD), 원성도.
If, A Person, Is NOT, On This List, (Above), Then, He, or, She, Is NOT, An Instructor, Under The Buzz. ™., 성태원., Lineage.
WARNING:.. This, Is, Trademarked ®, &, Copyrighted ©, Property: Any, Unauthorized, Use, Is A, Direct Violation, of International, Federal, & State, Law. Subjected, To, Criminal, &, Civil, Penalty, To The Fullest Extent, Allowed, By Law.
No, Instruction, Seminar(s), or, Handing-Out, of Any Type of Certification, Will, Take Place, Without, The Prior, &, Written, Expressed Consent of Sabum, Mike Buzz,  ™., 성태원., All, Certification, Will Alway’s, Be With The Approved, Stamp, &, Seal, And, With The Approval, &, Guidance, of Sabum, Mike Buzz, ™., 성태원., Regardless of Rank.

(Current, And/or, Former, Member’s)
☯️ Chance Smith. (Fmr., Senior Member, Jr., 2nd Rank. – NOT An Instructor.)